bubbles   I’m Jim Claussen and am the founder of Executive Social Academy. I’m really interested in how we are engaging in today’s connected and social economy – how we, as people, lead, collaborate, share and communicate in new digital environments.

Organizations transitioning to social business as a way of working, are gaining significant competitive advantage, have more engaged employees, and enjoy fiercely loyal customers. Social Leaders can be be tremendous catalysts in energizing the people they aim to serve. My goal here is to help more leaders understand what these shifts are all about and how social and digital engagement can help leaders help their organizations to achieve greater positive impact.

Buyers are now empowered, educated and seeking validation from their social networks. Today, buyers have options and switching cost have never been lower. As a Top 100 Social Selling Influencer, I really enjoy helping people better serve clients in a new economy and leaders in a future of work, that’s already here.

I’m a Digital Content & Editorial Manager. I specialize in social business, digital experience and commerce solutions. I do a lot of coaching, speaking, podcasting and writing on topics of social business and social leadership. Many people ask me for help, but I just don’t have enough time to help everyone 1:1, so I started this Academy so that I can help many people, all at the same time.

I hope you find this site helpful. Please let me know what’s helping you and what are the challenges keeping you up at night. Your inputs and feedback help me prioritize what content I bring to the Academy. By design, I like to focus on a step-by-step, concise guide approach. We are all pressed for time – here, the approach is not to spend an hour, but invest 15 minutes in learning with intention.

I would encourage you to subscribe and join the Executive Social Academy to receive updates of new content that may help you. As a bonus, I include a Digital Leadeship Kit that has come out of my social leadership coaching experience. I’m excited for the impact I know you’re going to make.