@Briansolis and @charleneli of Altimeter Group, recently published a great study providing key insights for executives, managers and leaders around Social Business to benchmark your organization against your peers and competitors.

Benchmark Your Social Business Program: Research on “The State of Social Business 2013″

I think it’s important to get a sense of where you are, to better understand where you are on the curve – are you  building to be competitive, can you differentiate, are you engaged with your clients, is your organization configured to be agile to not just compete, but thrive.


The study includes:

1. Key trends

2. How are other leaders prioritizing

3. How you may compare  and stack up


Key findings:

1. In 2013 study, 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams
    Do you have one?

Of the companies with a social media policy, only 18% of employees understand those policies
     Do yours?

Companies lacking clear leadership and strategy around social, are experiencing social anarchy & uncoordinated efforts
     Hopefully the Executive Social Academy can help you lead and build an enterprise vision.

Departments outside of marketing are building social efforts: sales, HR, customer support, product development
     What areas of your business are leveraging social? 

Lack of training around social media policies remains significant risk for companies
     Does you company have training?

Only 52% of executives are informed and aligned with their company’s social strategy
     Are you aligned?

For front runners, investment centers around: analyzing the data that comes from social and integrating into mobile initiatives
    Something to think about…..

Top growth areas: content marketing, customer support, listening to customers
     Are you addressing these areas?

Top tool investments: listening/monitoring tools, social analytics, community platforms
     Where you are investing?

Biggest gap >> training and education stemming from lack of executive adoption/sponsorship
       As a leader, you are in a position to really make a positive impact for your organization and steer the

       organization’s growth into social.


Takeaways / Actions for You

1. Know how your organization stacks up and build an intentional plan forward.

2. As leader, be intentional in making social a priority for your organization

3.Work with your team to a) build a vision/strategy b) focus on education and training c) don’t try to boil the ocean, grow in steps



Get more good info on Study at Altimeter Group