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#SocialLeader Chat Replay: The Optimistic Workplace with Shawn Murphy

  Human beings not human capital Shepherding culture and shaping climate Energizing every team member as an individual The value of purpose The importance of meaning makers In the #SocialLeader Chat, we had a great interview and discussion with author […]

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#SocialLeader Interview with John E Michel, Retired USAF Brigadier General

  How can leaders create a workplace that inspires people to bring their best? How can leaders bust the status quo? How can leaders influence culture and why is this important? How to shift from command & control to distributed […]

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Social Leadership and the Boardroom

  Social is not about the ‘social media’ team… social (engagement) is now a central component to the entire business. This is about social business. It’s about how companies are led, inspired and engaged. It’s about the workforce, customers, partners […]

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Beyond Marketing: How Social Leaders Are Transforming Business

 This isn’t about marketing or this isn’t about the social media specialist. This is about line of business leaders making real impact across the business. This is about how social leaders in different departments are transforming how businesses recruit talent, […]

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Breaking the Social Leader Barrier with Bart Casabona of Pitney Bowes

What can we all learn from how a very traditional company has shifted to social? What is Pitney Bowes doing today in social? How is social business impacting the bottom line for Pitney Bowes? What have been some of the […]

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Social Leadership: Who Has Time for That??

  What’s the price of not practicing social leadership with employees & customers? What are common excuses for not adapting to social practices? How much time should a leader invest in social engagement? What are some best practices for time […]

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#SocialLeader Chat Replay: Discovering the Core Elements of Social Leadership

What traits do you value with social leaders? Is social leadership possible without trust? How do we strengthen social leadership skills? How does giving help leaders in the modern connected age? How can you spot the fakers? What’s the most […]

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#SocialLeader Chat Session Replay – Employee Activism: Are You Seizing The Opportunity?

  The #SocialLeader Chat on Monday June 1, centered around the findings of a great new study released by Weber Shandwick, “Employees Rising: Seizing the Opportunity of Employee Activism.” The community shared some valuable perspectives around the topic with personal […]

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#SocialLeader Chat Session 4 Replay – How to Find Your Voice in Social

The #SocialLeader Chat on Monday May 11, focused on a great topic — how to help leaders find their own voice (style and approach) to engage in social.  The community shared fantastic thoughtful inputs, their own perspectives and personal experiences. […]

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Horrible Bosses: How to Help the Anti-Social Leader – #SocialLeader Chat Session 3 Highlights

The #SocialLeader Chat on Monday May 4th brought honest dialog, thoughtful conversation and some of the best inputs yet. . Here, we discussed: Horrible Bosses – How to Help the Anti-Social Leader. This is about helping leaders who don’t understand social, […]

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Is the Social Age Killing Top Down Leadership? – #SocialLeader Chat Session 2 Highlights

  The #SocialLeader Chat on Monday April 27th involved great insights and discussion. Here, we discussed the shift to a new connected business environment where people can lead, not just from the top down, but from all levels in the […]

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New Era, New Expectations: The Rise of Social Leadership – #SocialLeader Chat Session 1 Highlights

The #SocialLeader Chat launched with a bang on April 20, with 2,000 tweets from people around the world interested in discussion, ideas, sharing and best practices around how to lead and engage in today’s digital age. And… we trended on […]

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10 Tips to Recording Leadership Videos Like A Pro

Videos. A leadership video is a great way to connect with your team. Share your vision, a new strategy, context on the business, the team’s mission and purpose. Tell a story, show your excitement, share what gets you jumping out […]

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Where Social Leaders Are Taking Us: Are You Leading The Opportunity?

  “Why should people trust and buy from us?” “What’s our company’s purpose?” “Where are we going with this?” “Why should I feel great about the work we are doing?” “What does this company stand for?” “What makes this company […]

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Finding Your Blue Unicorn

Calling All Leaders (Managers and Executives) Are you a “social” leader? Have you found your Blue Unicorn? Blue Unicorns are the rare leaders who are transforming their leadership for today’s connected social economy. Today’s workforce is engaged in social. Today’s […]

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