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We-as-a-Service: Scale-Free Collaboration at the Speed of Business

What is a connected organization? What are the advantages to working connected? How does a connected organization respond to the speed of business? What does it look like? In talking with leaders and organizations about social business, these are common […]

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Social Leadership and the Boardroom

  Social is not about the ‘social media’ team… social (engagement) is now a central component to the entire business. This is about social business. It’s about how companies are led, inspired and engaged. It’s about the workforce, customers, partners […]

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Executive Briefing: Study on Seizing the Opportunity of Employee Activism

  In this briefing Key insights for #SocialLeader managers and executives on how to shape organizational culture to activate employees as self-directed brand ambassadors and influencers. As an expert in social employee advocacy, I gained some new insights and perspectives […]

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Executive Briefing: B2B Social Media Study

  In this briefing: Key insights for managers and executives in B2B companies on the opportunities to use social media to engage customers, journalists, influencers… by industry.     Brandwatch B2B Social Media Report: The study highlights the opportunities for […]

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Where Social Leaders Are Taking Us: Are You Leading The Opportunity?

  “Why should people trust and buy from us?” “What’s our company’s purpose?” “Where are we going with this?” “Why should I feel great about the work we are doing?” “What does this company stand for?” “What makes this company […]

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Social Business Unboxed (Ep3): Systems of Engagement with Scott Abbott, President of Covinia

Social Business Unboxed Stories of Insight & Success in Digital Engagement In this episode of Social Business Unboxed, I wanted to bring on a front line executive to share perspectives on mobile, social and systems of engagement in today’s connected […]

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Social Business Unboxed (Ep2): Creating a Culture of Recognition and Appreciation To Re-energize Your Workforce

In many organizations, there are two worlds. Company’s view – “Our people are our greatest assets” And Employee’s view – “I feel so unappreciated. I work so hard, and no one ever says ‘thank you’” How can organizations bring these […]

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When its your turn to lead, are you ready? 3 Key Things to Do in the Age of Digital

I live at the coast, under a migratory pathway. From the bluff by our house you can watch birds of all kinds flying together toward destinations unknown. Out front, the lead bird points the way. Breaking the wind, the lead […]

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The Connected Enterprise

  I recently had the pleasure of participating as featured guest in the weekly #ESNchat, a twitter chat focused on Enterprise Social Collaboration, hosted by Jeff Ross. The discussion was lively, with lots of excellent contributions from around the ‘room’, […]

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Special Episode #75 – 10 Key Benefits of Working Social for Sales Leaders

Welcome to the AskJim Podcast Providing 5 minute answers to user questions about IBM Connections This is the only podcast focused on IBM Connections – the #1 ranked enterprise social collaboration platform. Users ask, I do my best to answer… […]

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For Marketing Pros, What Can We Learn From A Baseball and a Bag of Marbles?

  The Way to Engagement You’re likely feeling like you need to be everywhere all at the same time. You can’t buy your way there and there’s only one you. What do you do? If you’re a marketing professional and want […]

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The Road to Engagement is a Path You Must Lead

  The Path to Engagement If you are unfamiliar terrain and don’t know the right way to go, what do you? You’re likely to consult your GPS for the most direct way to go. If you’re a leader or manager […]

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“Hey, what’s the best way to get from here to digital?”

  Directions to Digital You have a destination to get to, but you’re not sure how to get there. What do you do? You’re likely to consult your smartphone or gps for the best route to take. If you’re a sales professional […]

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How to Brainstorm with Your Team – The Social Business Story (spoiler: It’s Better)

  A faster more efficient way to generate ideas with your team…   Using IBM Connections Forums and Ideation Blog apps, teams can quickly and easily run collaborative brainstorm sessions, bringing people together in one place, from wherever they are […]

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IBM Connections Mobile App: Collaborate From Anywhere

For all of you AskJim Podcast listeners, I wanted to highlight the new IBM Connections Mobile App. If you are not already using the IBM Connections Mobile App, I would encourage you to give it a try (see below for […]

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