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10 Tips to Recording Leadership Videos Like A Pro

Videos. A leadership video is a great way to connect with your team. Share your vision, a new strategy, context on the business, the team’s mission and purpose. Tell a story, show your excitement, share what gets you jumping out […]

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Social Selling: Be Found by Buyers, Bring Value to Clients, Build Your Career

Social Selling 10 Steps to Impact Be found by buyers Bring value to clients Build your career  . To help you better grow into social, share what you know, amplify value and engage here is a presentation I did recently […]

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How to Make Compelling Blog Posts with Impact – Get Started, Get Better

  Do you want to write your first blog post, but don’t know how to get started? Have you published a few posts, but want to create more compelling more readable content? Over the past week or two, I have […]

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Anatomy of an Event Digital Engagement

Extend content reach Amplify content re-use Expand the conversation and dialog around the content of an event Drive thought leadership around an event theme Share a point of view to lead  Engage a community in unexpected ways Shape a new […]

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The Connected Enterprise

  I recently had the pleasure of participating as featured guest in the weekly #ESNchat, a twitter chat focused on Enterprise Social Collaboration, hosted by Jeff Ross. The discussion was lively, with lots of excellent contributions from around the ‘room’, […]

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Top 5 Tips to Optimize Your Skype Video & Google Hangouts

Several of the sales teams I have been helping over the past couple of weeks use Skype in day-to-day engagement with buyers and clients. A few people have asked for help in improving the quality and performance of their video […]

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IBM Connections Mobile App: Collaborate From Anywhere

For all of you AskJim Podcast listeners, I wanted to highlight the new IBM Connections Mobile App. If you are not already using the IBM Connections Mobile App, I would encourage you to give it a try (see below for […]

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Class 19: How to Build Graphical HTML Content Like a Pro in 10 Steps

This is a top question I get from people around blog posts… How do you build HTML pages with the graphical layouts? If you are a web pro, stop reading and move on… you will know all of this already. […]

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Class #13: Twitter Resources to Find Your Next Role

Looking for your next leadership position? Returning from service and re-entering the marketplace? Thinking about a career pivot into a new field? Here is a great set of resources on Twitter, to leverage social in your search, research, and personal […]

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Class #12: What’s the Fastest Growing Age Bracket on Twitter? It’s Not What You Think

Hint: It’s not millennials…. The fastest growing demographic on twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket, followed by 45-54. Since 2012, the 55-64 group has grown 79%! Why is this important? (1)  Your peers – other managers and executives – are […]

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Class #11: Socialytics – Harnessing Business Intelligence Through Social Media Analytics

Socialytics is a term to describe the application of big data analytics to social business and social media streams to harness business intelligence – providing insight from how communities, employees, customers, competitors and influencers are engaging, sharing and discussing. Today, […]

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Class #9: Social Business for Executives: Don’t Dance Around the Pool, Dive In…Here’s How

You can’t understand what you have never experienced. You will never learn how to swim, if you don’t get in the water. It’s that simple. Just start….dive in. Along the way you will gain enough first hand understanding that you […]

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Class #8: Career Development Help for Veterans & Their Families – Leveraging Social Media

For veterans seeking advice on re-entering the workforce, there is a great resource I’d like to highlight here. IBM (and many other great organizations) have collaborated with American Corporate Partners (ACP) to offer support for veterans by connecting business leaders […]

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Class #6: Executive Guide to Social – Top 5 Principles for Your Social Media

Today, leading a team, an organization, a company, transcends the walls of our offices. Today, executive leadership has an opportunity to influence and shape how the marketplace perceives your organization, evaluates your organization and selects your offerings like never before. […]

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Class #5: For Active Networkers, How Many LinkedIn Network Connection Invitations Are You Permitted on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn affords each member, regardless of subscription or member level, a lifetime maximum of 3,000 LinkedIn network connection invitations. That may seem like a large number to some, but for some manager/executive leaders who are active networkers – the hyper-connectors […]

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