The Situation

We’re accelerating into a marketplace where the industrial age norms are being replaced by new digital age expectations. Business is becoming relational (vs transactional). Workplaces are becoming transparent. Customers want to engage the brands they pledge. Stakeholders want to know who they are investing in. People want someone they can follow… but they can’t follow you if you aren’t in social. People seek vision and purpose with which to align… but they can’t align with you if you aren’t sharing your views in the open.

This shifting digital age requires a new kind of leader, a leader for the future… today. Organizations and talent recruiters are looking for these kinds of leaders, and they are doing it in social.

Will they find you? Are you findable?

Today, there is a hidden jobs market, that is, a market of unadvertised roles, where today’s digital recruiters are seeking talent who understand the social age and can connect with people where they are… on social platforms, in blogs, on the LinkedIn publishing platform, in podcasts, in videos. This is about a new set of skills. Without these skills, leader candidates (managers and executives) are left to focus on advertised roles, working with a resume. Not a good strategy.

For c-level job seekers, social will impact your role(s) going forward. This is an opportunity; it’s an opportunity for creating relationships that span the globe, which can grow and develop and play an important role in an executive job search.

Today, it’s not about who knows you, it’s about who knows you and what you are known for.

The Path To Opportunity

Few senior leaders are engaged in social today, but therein lies the opportunity. The opportunity lies in how talent management professionals are finding talent. They are looking for you. The questions is, are you making yourself findable?

What social is about is connecting to the pulse of your industry, connecting to the trends in the marketplace, sharing your value which isn’t about what you know, but about what your share. Businesses are now looking for leaders who can take their organization to the next phase of business, the digital age; an age that’s is about personalized omni-channel engagement, analytics driven digital experiences and social influenced buyer decision making. If you don’t know what these terms mean, it’s a sign your slipping behind. BUT, you can grow to understand these terms and these shifts by getting started in social and becoming a digital age leader.

The first step is to begin to understand the mindset, and that starts with sharing. For example, you can use the LinkedIn publishing platform to share your leadership insights, perspectives and expertise in your particular segment or industry or business.  What you share in social and what you publish in digital has tangible value, it’s influence measurable, it’s impact important. People are looking for open and transparent leaders. You can be that leader.


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