Human beings not human capital
Shepherding culture and shaping climate
Energizing every team member as an individual
The value of purpose
The importance of meaning makers

In the #SocialLeader Chat, we had a great interview and discussion with author Shawn Murphy on his just released book, The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment that Energizes Everyone.

A LinkedIn Study of 18,000 employees found that only 15% of people were satisfied with their jobs!

Workplace engagement, an energizing climate and feeling a sense of purpose; in his research Shawn found that people have a need for these and other important traits, yet so few workplaces meet these needs.
With the need to make change in how organizations create the climate, culture and engagement to energize people, Shawn has written a powerful book with practical insights and action plans for managers.

In this interview, the discussion includes key topics such as:
(1) Why did Shawn write this book?
(2) Why we need optimistic workplaces and why should organizations care?
(3) The role of purpose
(4) Climate and Culture
(5) Pockets of excellence


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