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Chat icon 50x50#SocialLeader Chat is a weekly Twitter conversation and community for modern mavericks — the “Blue Unicorns” —who believe that social is a mindset; an essential way of engaging today’s workforce, customers, partners, influencers and stakeholders. 


Each Monday at 8pmET, the community will come together on Twitter to ask questions, share, discuss and jointly develop social leadership skills and confidence to thrive in today’s social age of business. 


The #SocialLeader Chat is a partnership between the ExecutiveSocialAcademy and Switch&Shift to bring combined expertise, excellence and engagement to a shared topic we feel represents an inflection point in tomorrow’s leaders focused on not incremental impact, but exponential impact that can only be achieved through connected people activated across social environments.



Blue Unicorns

Blue Unicorn is a term, coined in Mark Babbitt and Ted Coiné’s book, A World Gone Social, referring to social leaders, leaders so rare in business, yet so valued by employees and customers, they earn a special designation. Blue Unicorns are leaders who embrace the connected, social and digital business cultural environment, work with openness and transparency, share insights and vision, and lead by example, in their own style and own voice. Blue Unicorns are not about command and control, Blue Unicorns are about engagement, inspiring others, and being their own authentic selves as they empower others through collaboration, communication and co-creation. 



See You in the Chat

On behalf of my co-hosts and community leaders Mark Babbitt, Shawn Murphy, Lauren Kirkpatrick, we look forward to seeing you in the discussion. 





Happy to help you on Twitter at @JimClaussen or email at

How Do I Participate?

Participating in the conversation is simple using common Twitter chat tools:

Use TweetDeck or Hootsuite: Create a column with the #SocialLeader hashtag

or Enter #SocialLeader in the Search function

Ground Rules

To facilitate collaborative discussion:

Keep the conversation to plain english.

Please, no promotional tweets or links until the networking segment at end.

Be positive with participants – no trolls or hijackers allowed.

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